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The Authors Pay It Forward Podcast will help you find the solutions to your EVERY POSSIBLE QUESTION and INDIE PUBLISHING CHALLENGE, by introducing you to a massive and very generous community of the best of the bestselling INDIE PUBLISHED AUTHORS and our industry’s PUBLISHING & MARKETING MOVERS, SHAKERS, INDIE GEEKS AND MEDIA MANAGING SUPERSTARS. When it comes to Indie Publishing, you CAN Do-It-Yourself, BUT you DON'T have to do it alone. We are Authors Supporting Authors.
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Oct 9, 2016

 This is The Authors Pay It Forward Podcast. Episode number two for this new season. Today you’re gonna meet our community's very own personal Author’s Coach, Story Analyst and expert in everything about your writing Procedures, Publications and Promotions.

So join us inside for this session we’re calling “Meet the Coach with Susan Sloate” and we’ll tell you how you can have your own questions answered and your books promoted in our upcoming monthly Q&A sessions.

We’re calling those episodes “Ask the Coach with Susan Sloate". Susan is an Award-winning, Bestselling Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Story Analyst and a friend of the Authors Pay It Forward Podcast.

So, stay with us and we’ll remind you why we like to say:

When it comes to Indie Publishing, you can do it yourself, but

You don’t have to do it alone, because we are Authors supporting Authors and we hope you’ll join us.  

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