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The Authors Pay It Forward Podcast will help you find the solutions to your EVERY POSSIBLE QUESTION and INDIE PUBLISHING CHALLENGE, by introducing you to a massive and very generous community of the best of the bestselling INDIE PUBLISHED AUTHORS and our industry’s PUBLISHING & MARKETING MOVERS, SHAKERS, INDIE GEEKS AND MEDIA MANAGING SUPERSTARS. When it comes to Indie Publishing, you CAN Do-It-Yourself, BUT you DON'T have to do it alone. We are Authors Supporting Authors.
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Aug 8, 2016

This is the Authors Pay It Forward Podcast at Welcome to Episode Number One (APIF-001) in our newest series about every single aspect of Independent Self-Publishing or as we like to say, INDIE PUBLISHING.

TODAY…. our special Guest, the Kindlepreneur, is in the house.  Dave Chesson is here to bring us a laundry list of free tools that will help YOUR READERS and future fans to discover and to purchase your books.  

Dave will be talking about those tools that can be found on his website at

These are just some, but not all of the tools available from The Kindlepreneur:

  1. A tool to help make the all important selection of the correct category for your book on Amazon. 
  2. The popular KDP Calculator which will tell you how many books a specific book on Amazon is really selling, day by day.  With this tool, you will be able to tell how many books you will need to sell, in your chosen category to become a number one Bestseller. 
  3. Crafting the most effective book description is critical and the Amazon Book Description Generator Tool masters that challenge for you. 
  4. Then, there’s a Kindlepreneur tested list of 79 sites to promote your Kindle Book, with both Free and Paid services.

Dave Chesson has a gold mine of Kindle success generating tools.  On the Kindlepreneur site, help yourself to these free featured solutions and many more:



We can’t forget to mention, the coolest tool, so far, from The Kindlepreneur and this one is so special that it required a website of its very own.  Check out the KDP Rocket at This tool will help you discover the perfect profitable subject for your next book and will show you how to outrank your competition.  

For an every growing list of crazy, brilliant ideas and apps to improve your Kindle Publishing adventure, keep an eye on our friend Dave Chesson, The Kindlepreneur:  






Thanks again, for joining us to meet another friend of the Authors Pay It Forward podcast.  We hope you’ll stop by our site at,  to connect with future guest experts and where you’ll find links for our two FaceBook groups.  One group is designed to talk about YOUR books, specifically and to share questions, answers and flashes of brilliance with our international collection of hundreds of friendly and helpful Indie Authors. The other is a group where we can continue the discussion of recent podcasts (like this one) AND ALSO discuss your SUGGESTIONS for topics and guest experts for future episodes.  


We hope you’ll join us next time for a chat with a new Indie Publishing Guest Expert and if you enjoy our Authors Pay It Forward Podcast, tell your Author Friends and we always appreciate when you have time if you’ll leave a review on iTunes.  


So, join us again, when you’ll hear us say, “When it comes to Indie Publishing, you can do it yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. We are Authors supporting Authors and we’re glad you’ve joined us.  


See you next time!  Come on back!  


Dave Freeman