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The Authors Pay It Forward Podcast will help you find the solutions to your EVERY POSSIBLE QUESTION and INDIE PUBLISHING CHALLENGE, by introducing you to a massive and very generous community of the best of the bestselling INDIE PUBLISHED AUTHORS and our industry’s PUBLISHING & MARKETING MOVERS, SHAKERS, INDIE GEEKS AND MEDIA MANAGING SUPERSTARS. When it comes to Indie Publishing, you CAN Do-It-Yourself, BUT you DON'T have to do it alone. We are Authors Supporting Authors.
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May 19, 2016

When an Author tries to decide whether to opt for Indie Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing, an obvious question can be "What's the difference?" We'll compare and contrast the two publishing options in today's pre-launch episode. Welcome to all of my Current and Future Authors Friends. This is THE AUTHORS PAY IT FORWARD PODCAST, where we'll be talking about all things Indie, which.....for our purposes, is Independent Self-Publishing. Now, whether you’ve written a book or are just thinking about it,’ve come to the right place, because WE (you and I) are about to unpack the Indie Publishing Process, one episode, one subject and one guest expert at a time….and regarding those subjects, your suggestions are always welcome.   This is the official introduction to our new series.  We're calling it Episode Zero (APIF-000)… just a little warm up, before we launch our Author’s Community into a full blast deep dive into every aspect, process, technology and technique of Indie Authorship.  Since starting at the beginning is generally a good idea. Today, In this pre-launch episode, we’ll get started with a little Publishing 101, to help you decide which avenue is best for you and your book.  Let’s see if we can answer a common and very logical  question for new and future Authors:   “INDIE PUBLISHING VS. TRADITIONAL. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?